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Your Business Plan Sucks!

Have you heard this from anyone? Most likely you have not however chances are that is what people are thinking when you share your business plan with them! Your Business Plan Sucks!
Written Dec 01, 2011, read 914 times since then.


The sad facts are that templates and software programs cannot convey the uniqueness of your business, project or venture because they are "fill-in-the-blank" and because thew writer (you) has tunnel vision.

In 99.99% of cases it is far better to have a professional write your business plan however an MBA or PhD may not be the best option either. For your business plan to sell itself it needs three key elements working together:

  1. The business plan should flow and be an easy and enjoyable read with on point information that is easy to understand.
  2. The business plan should visually stimulate and the visuals should compliment the text so that the reader can absorb the content and retain it.
  3. The business plan needs to have information contained within it that is easy to substantiate under independent due-diligence and/or research.

A well written and designed business plan with the above key elements will "sell itself" to your targeted audience and be useful for more than just raising capital. To add to the shelf life of your business plan avoid too many absolutes and build-in realistic flexibility as others will notice the acumen being applied because no one can accurate perdict the future in absolutes.

When you take yourself out of the equation and provide information to a professional business plan writer and designer like myself what you end up with is an exceptional visually stimulating and informative presentation that will get results. Around every corner there are self proclaimed experts who speak in absolute terms failing to realize that their arrogance has an adverse impact!

I have written and designed hundreds of business plans, presentations and summaries and what I have learned in 15 years is that the individual uniqueness of each business and each business owner is far too complex to successfully utilize a template or software program. Because of this I strongly believe, based on repetative proof, that a custom written and designed business plan is superior!

A great business owner or manager is one that understands when it is best to "outsource" and/or "allocate" certain duties to others who have the necessary expertise to produce a high quality rersult. While ownership and manage should take an active role in the development of their business and marketing plans utilizing the services of a professional who specializes in this field will only make them look better!

An "expert" business plan writer will be able to walk you through the business plan or presentation creation process in an easy streamlined process. Expect to answer specific questions that will allow the writer/designer to draw from you the core content they need to produce a draft. When the draft is presented review it with an open mind and allow the writer/designer to walk you through the flow.

Your image is your brand and both should flow with the content of the business plan you present to others. Always check the references and portfolio of the service providers you utilize and remember that you do get what you pay for. I specialize in turning complexities into simplicity so take a look at my profile and contact me to learn more. I would enjoy hearing about your business, project or venture.

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