Biznik Pivots

Business networking service, Biznik pivots – enhancing environment for
independent business owners by discontinuing freemium model.

Hundreds of social networking sites miss the mark for small business – it’s about creating relationships, not broadcasting – Biznik members get that.

Seattle, WA — February 10, 2012 — After six years of employing a freemium business model,, an online community for small businesses and entrepreneurs, has determined that the proliferation of phony profiles was undermining engagement for those who are serious about their business, and use Biznik to network with other independent business peers.

Biznik cofounder Lara Feltin found herself increasingly frustrated with the superfluous activity on the site and SEO organizations creating bogus profiles to stuff a link. Sifting through the detritus to find the real signal from small business owners was becoming increasingly challenging.

“When I visit Biznik, I want to know that everyone I find on the site is a business professional, serious about engaging and collaborating with like-minded business professionals. Biznik isn’t about broadcasting a status update to throngs of followers – that’s just “noise.” Bizniks are looking to target their efforts and maximize the return on their business networking investment,” said Biznik cofounder and CEO Lara Feltin.

When Biznik launched their web site in May 2005, membership was free and the site was ad-free. The founders saw business potential in a freemium model that could scale. Today members still enjoy the value of a site free from advertising and affiliate partnerships, but membership is no longer free. For independent business owners, traditional marketing models designed to convert a fraction of their Twitter or Facebook audience into customers do not work. Biznik provides a forum for business professionals to connect and engage with other business owners for a mutually beneficial business relationship. It is a micro-focused, niche community of independent business owners. Members are constantly saying how they know they get nothing from Twitter and LinkedIn, nor should they – those are mediums for broadcasting messages, Biznik is the place to foster relationships which in the long run will effect your bottom line.

“We have a core customer base successfully connecting and collaborating on Biznik. Our intention is to grow that core – providing them enhanced functionality and new tools to help leverage their relationship capitol and grow their small business”, said Andrew Lippert, Biznik’s Chief Technology Officer. Just starting out or are a seasoned business veteran, Bizink is a business ommunity. In a recent comment on the Biznik blog, a popular Biznik author Carolyn Higgins commented, “I can’t tell you how great joining Biznik has been for my business – and all the exposure I get from my articles has been amazing. I got 10 new sign-ups for my newsletter today alone – and requests for a consultation. Can’t beat that!”


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