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This event was reviewed by Biznik's editorial staff. We think it’s going to be cool. It's about business and follows our 95/5 Principle. You can expect all attendees to be members of Biznik. Sweet.

Event description

This seminar is part 7 of 7 in the Marketing Magnetism series. Look for other events in the series during the first week in January.

You will get 90 minutes of compelling conversation, and a handout with links to FREE tools to help you execute effective magnetic marketing tactics for your business.

Attendees can expect to...


  1. Simple things you can do for yourself to help make your business go from invisible to highly visible.
  2. How to align your passions and expertise with the needs of your perfect client.
  3. How to create a description of your perfect client.
  4. How to build effective networks of referral partners.
  5. How to add value and touch the lives of your referral partners.

Top reasons you should attend...

  • Referrals and web marketing are vital sources of new customers for your business.
  • You aren't getting enough new business.
  • You do great work for your customers and they still don't refer their friends and family to your business.
  • You don't know what to say to make your marketing more effective.
  • You are sick of the insanity of doing the same ineffective thing and are ready to try something different.

The speaker will share...

...his personal insights on how to create a magnetic marketing plan to attract your perfect prospects.

Content from this seminar is taken from Referral-Centric Marketing Action Plan created by the presenter.

Your Hosts

  • Relational-Centric Marketing - Independent Consultants - Business Improvement Experts 
Bellevue, Washington 
Berry Zimmerman
    Relational-Centric Marketing - Independent Consultants...
    Bellevue, Washington
  • Coach, Speaker & Builder 
Beaverton, Oregon 
Ron White
    Coach, Speaker & Builder
    Beaverton, Oregon

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  • Cheif Executive  
Portland, Oregon 
Mary Warner
    Posted by Mary Warner, Portland, Oregon | Jan 07, 2012

    Berry delivered the course expectations 100% as described in the announcement. The concepts really got me focused on marketing in a way I feel comfortable with. I have a clearer understanding of how to be effective. I recommend Berry's training for anyone in small business struggling with or wanting to improve their marketing plan.

Event Location


4800 SW Griffith Dr, Ste 250
Beaverton, Oregon 97005

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