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This event was reviewed by Biznik's editorial staff. We think it’s going to be cool. It's about business and follows our 95/5 Principle. You can expect all attendees to be members of Biznik. Sweet.

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I spend 20 minutes with each guest in a rapid-fire assessment of one of your greatest marketing strategy challenges. Come prepared!

We'll have a small group and think through it together over lunch.

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Seattle, Washington 
Joe Hage
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    Seattle, Washington

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  • Seattle Realtor 
Seattle, Washington 
Aaron Janus
    Posted by Aaron Janus, Seattle, Washington | Jul 15, 2008

    Hey Joe,

    I hope to get in the next time you have one of these meetings! I really enjoyed the last workshop you put on, and look forward to gleaning some of your sage marketing advice again in the future!


  • Business and Technology Services 
Bothell, Washington 
Sven Mogelgaard
    Posted by Sven Mogelgaard, Bothell, Washington | Jul 16, 2008

    I'll try to get there. I've got a seminar myself, but it didn't promote it much. If no one shows I'll hot-foot it over there.

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3305 Monte Villa Parkway
Bothell, Washington 98021

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