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Colleen OGrady
Mural artist
Lake Stevens, Washington
Posted by Colleen OGrady, Lake Stevens, Washington | Apr 28, 2008

Subscribe to The Biznik Community Can you say “trompe l’oeil?” Most people aren't sure how…. :0)

The French term for “trick the eye” (pronounced “tromploy” if you’re interested) is my favorite form of mural work!

Want to be on the beach? Sitting in a movie theatre? Gazing at an Italian vineyard? Don’t let your client’s walls get in the way of where they want to be! I love customizing artwork for each client, such as including their pets, putting in objects they love and adding personalized touches that mean something special only to them.

While most work is done directly on the wall, murals can also be painted on panels that are perfect for apartments (in case they move), children’s rooms (because they may outgrow the theme), and as room dividers (with different images on each side – Tuscan living room shares space with the home office.)

Mural art is the only way to run away without leaving home!


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  • Computer Repair Technician 
Kent, Washington 
Andrey Rozmaity
    Posted by Andrey Rozmaity, Kent, Washington | Apr 28, 2008

    Welcome to Biznik Colleen!

    Wow, your paintings are beautiful! I like them! =]
    You might want to consider updating your website design so it can compliment your art. If you need help in that field, drop Anita a pm.

    Happy Networking,


  • Mural artist 
Lake Stevens, Washington 
Colleen OGrady
    Posted by Colleen OGrady, Lake Stevens, Washington | Apr 28, 2008

    Thanks, Andrey!

    I'm excited about the possibilities of working with other folks in Biznik. Since I have clients all over the place (Spokane, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even Burien!) I'm hoping to connect with people all over the area.

    Best to you, Colleen

  • Public Relations 
Rohnert Park, California 
Karen Pierce Gonzalez
    Posted by Karen Pierce Gonzalez, Rohnert Park, California | Apr 28, 2008

    Welcome to Biznik! I love murals... and enjoyed looking at the selection you have posted on your website. I hope you make many successful contacts... best, Karen

  • Engineer of Creative Identity • Author of "Identity Crisis!" 
Portland, Oregon 
Jeff Fisher
    Posted by Jeff Fisher, Portland, Oregon | Apr 29, 2008

    Welcome Colleen - beautiful work! - J.

  • Career Counselor 
Seattle, Washington 
Laila Atallah
    Posted by Laila Atallah, Seattle, Washington | Apr 29, 2008

    Colleen: Your murals and paintings give off such a feeling of FUN! I especially warmed to your bunny and fish chair. I believe you'll make some great connections here. Laila

  • Mural artist 
Lake Stevens, Washington 
Colleen OGrady
    Posted by Colleen OGrady, Lake Stevens, Washington | Apr 29, 2008

    Thanks so much for the warm greetings!

    I have to say that I tremendously enjoy injecting a sense of fun and whimsy in my work. I can certainly do the calming, getaway scenes. However, there's nothing like making papier mache duck bottoms and gluing them to the ceiling to make everyone who walks in the room smile. (Check out the duck bottoms, as well as the dog on the raft in the skylight, in the Underwater Bathroom at

    Best to you all, Colleen

  • Director of Marketing 
Bothell, Washington 
Brian  Crouch
    Posted by Brian Crouch, Bothell, Washington | Apr 29, 2008

    You're awesome! You must be very busy!