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Bob Dunn
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Seattle, Washington
Posted by Bob Dunn, Seattle, Washington | Apr 02, 2009

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A full day of biz classes and lunch at an incredible price. Join Bizniks Bob Dunn, Howard Howell, Keith Gormezano, Judy Dunn, Merry McNutt and Kevin Hoult for the next Renton Almost Free Biz School!

Saturday, April 18th, 8:30 am - 4 pm

A day of dynamic classes designed for startups, pre-startups and businesses looking to grow.

Learn how to:

• find funding to start or grow your business

• benefit in this economic downturn

• prevent the number one reason businesses fail: lack of consistent cash flow

• set up your finances before the money starts coming in

• market with a small budget

• learn how social media can help your business

A full day of sessions, a panel discussion with successful small business owners, and a light lunch, all for just $50.

All presenters are giving freely of their time and expertise for this event.

To learn more visit the Renton Biz School site.


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  • Internet Sales Consultant 
Seattle, Washington 
Howard Howell
    Posted by Howard Howell, Seattle, Washington | Apr 02, 2009

    As a business owner, you have products and services to sell.

    Nobody likes to be sold anything, but everyone likes to buy things. Learn the fine art of Subtle Selling at this Almost Free Biz School.

    The small price of admission will return knowledge that you can use to improve your business performance and efficiency.

    I highly recommend this educational opportunity.

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Seattle, Washington 
Keith  Gormezano
    Posted by Keith Gormezano, Seattle, Washington | Apr 03, 2009

    When you start a business, you have a choice. You can ask people who know more than you do for advice or you can do it yourself.

    If you try to DIY to set up your books, point of sales system, create a web site, write a business plan to get a loan, or market yourself, etc. without fully understanding how to do all or either of them WELL, your chance of making a mistake is greater. If you ask any small business owner, that is one of our major observations about our clients.

    If you ask experts for help, chances are you will save time and money in the long run. At least that is what one client told me the other day.

    Would you rather spend $50 and get a free lunch and learn or call me in six months from now for several hundred dollars to fix what you mucked up.

    You wouldn't climb on your roof to fix it, represent yourself in court on a civil or criminal case, or rewire your house. Why do the same for your new business?

    It is your money and business. As Indiana Jones was advised, "Choose wisely." So should you.

    My class will be focusing on creating a good set of books for your new business, how to avoid the top ten mistakes I sees many of my clients make, how to make your choice of accounting software or system work for you, and how to tie your accounts with various IRS tax forms lines so you can save on accountant’s fees.

  • Internet Sales Consultant 
Seattle, Washington 
Howard Howell
    Posted by Howard Howell, Seattle, Washington | Apr 03, 2009

    Keith... Great comment. Can I use some of your thoughts?

    BTW... I love the title of your class. Get Your Books in Order — Quick!


  • Seattle WordPress Trainer 
Seattle, Washington 
Bob Dunn
    Posted by Bob Dunn, Seattle, Washington | Apr 03, 2009

    Hi Keith and Howard, thanks for the posts. I am so glad you will be sharing your expertise with everyone at this year's Biz School!


  • Blogging Coach and Copywriter 
Seattle, Washington 
Judy Dunn
    Posted by Judy Dunn, Seattle, Washington | Apr 04, 2009

    BizSchool rocks! We learn so much and the price, which includes lunch, is so affordable.


  • Certified Business Advisor 
Renton, Washington 
Kevin Hoult MBA
    Posted by Kevin Hoult MBA, Renton, Washington | Apr 05, 2009

    The Almost Free Biz School is famous for helping both new and experienced business owners become more successful.

    Learn how to start a business or how to run the business you already have in a much more effective manner.

    For those of you with employees, find out how to get more out of your team.

    I'm humbled by the opportunity to be a part of such a well-respected program!

  • Volunteer Abroad Crowdfunder 
Seattle, Washington 
PJ Harris
    Posted by PJ Harris, Seattle, Washington | Apr 05, 2009

    Last year when I went to this event, I was dipping my toes in the marketing waters. Renton Biz School not only provided me with a ton of information, it also gave me the enthusiasm to get on that diving board and plunge into the deep end. I am now blogging and my website has a pretty good place on google. I highly recommend it!! Thank you Renton Biz School. PJ Harris. LMP

  • Seattle WordPress Trainer 
Seattle, Washington 
Bob Dunn
    Posted by Bob Dunn, Seattle, Washington | Apr 06, 2009

    Hey Kevin, we are fortunate to have you teach at this year's biz school. You bring a lot experience and expertise to the table.

    And thanks for the plug PJ. Am so happy to hear that you got so much out of our last one.

    Would love to see a lot of Bizniks at the event this year. For $50, you can't beat it!