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  • Trademark Lawyer, Technology Lawyer 
Seattle, Washington 
Danny Bronski
  • B2B Midmarket Sales Prospecting Expert 
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 
Lori Richardson
  • Small Business Consultant 
Seattle, Washington 
Karrie Kohlhaas
  • Realtor and Designer 
Austin, Texas 
Kimberly Kohlhaas
  • Reiki Teacher, East Asian Medicine Practitioner 
Houma, Louisiana 
Celeste Ray
  • Event Management & Marketing 
Austin, Texas 
Amy Vercruysse
  • Owner-Coach-Trainer 
Pflugerville, Texas 
Alicia  Marie
  • Glass & Bronze Artist 
Seattle, Washington 
Todd Martin
  • creative director, graphic granola 
Austin, Texas 
Kelly Blanscet
  • Consultant, Writer, Speaker 
Austin, Texas 
Michelann Quimby
  • Computer Coach & Web Programmer 
Austin, Texas 
Ben Bright
  • Web Developer - QA/IT Consultant 
Austin, Texas 
Dave Fecker

Austin Business Owners Unite!
Keeping Austin Weird with local, interesting businesses

Public - anyone can join

Founded: 03/ 8/2009
Admin: Karrie Kohlhaas
Moderator: Rick L'Amie & Iliane Lorenz

What we're about

If you live in Austin, want to live there, or just have a sweet spot for Austin, this is the group for you. Here, we can connect, share events, resources, coworking, ideas, articles, anything in Austin that could support your business growth.

Let's use this group to encourage... [more]

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  • Group created on Sun Mar 8, 2009

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  • Marketing Coach and Consultant 
Austin, Texas 
Rick L'Amie
    Marketing Coach and Consultant
    Austin, Texas
  • Camps, fundraising, training and education 
Pflugerville, Texas 
Iliane Lorenz
    Camps, fundraising, training and education
    Pflugerville, Texas