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  • Printing 
Seattle, Washington 
Mike Young
  • Brand Strategy & Sustainable Graphic Design 
Bainbridge Island, Washington 
Corbet Curfman
  • Software Developer 
Garden Grove, California 
Anil Pattni
  • Web Consultant 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Witt
  • Graphic Designer 
Seattle, Washington 
Kate Hotler
  • Content Producer 
Duluth, Minnesota 
Tom Wilkowske
  • Enrolled Agent/Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor 
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 
Joshua Boxer
  • Bankruptcy Attorney, who also helps people with their Social Security Claims, and Wills. 
Seattle, Washington 
Edward Dyer
  • Co-Founder of cloudHQ 
Ljubljana Slovenia 
Selim Dizdar

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Collaborate. Learn. Create! For new and seasoned users of Basecamp and other 37 signals products

Public - anyone can join

Founded: 03/15/2010

What we're about

Basecamp is a project management software that helps you collaborate and run projects more smoothly. The Basecamp User group is all about sharing your experience and helping others to use Basecamp to it's fullest potential.

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  • Head of Development 
Seattle, Washington 
Justin Parra

    How do you prefer to collaborate in Basecamp? Do you use it for internal use only amongst your creative team? Do you use it...

    Posted by Justin Parra, Seattle, Washington | 134 views, last post: Mar 16, 2010 by Justin Parra
  • Head of Development 
Seattle, Washington 
Justin Parra
    Sticky: Try Basecamp

    Want to see what this group is all about? Try Basecamp! It's free of course:

    Posted by Justin Parra, Seattle, Washington | 156 views, last post: Mar 15, 2010 by Justin Parra

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