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Tammy Redmon
Executive Coach, Motivating Speaker, Leadership Team Specialist
Olympia, Washington
Posted by Tammy Redmon, Olympia, Washington | Mar 08, 2011

Subscribe to South Sound Business Group - Discussion Are You Ready to Up-Level Your Business?

Join a great group of South Sounders for robust dialogue on business strategy. This isn't your mother's networking group, we are passionate about creating possibility for each other through collaboration and conversation. We through good coffee in the mix because we meet first thing on a Monday morning.

Join us! The event is posted on this group page as Coffee, Conversation and Contribution. It's guaranteed to up-level you and your business IQ.

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  • Strategy Coach 
Seattle, Washington 
Amanda Carter
    Posted by Amanda Carter, Seattle, Washington | Aug 13, 2012

    I'm sad that I missed this! Sounds like it would've been just my cup of tea =)