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Blaine DeVoy
Licensed Home Inspector
Tacoma, Washington
Posted by Blaine DeVoy, Tacoma, Washington | Jul 23, 2009

Subscribe to South Sound Business Group - Discussion What are some of the things we can do in the Sound Sound to solidify our presence?

As a Seattleite myself who moved to Tacoma five years ago, I have the zeal of the converted. I'm wondering what we could do with our business and social community that would give us a stronger identity. What is it that links us? Is it the space? Attitudes? Affordability? This topic may sound vague - but we start here with specifics, develop ideas over a cup of coffee, and who knows...

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  • Graphic Designer & Illustrator 
Tacoma, Washington 
Maura Desimone
    Posted by Maura Desimone, Tacoma, Washington | Aug 10, 2009

    Hi Blaine, Good discussion point. I've found that one of our biggest challenges is simply communication. I'm also a Seattle transplant to the Tacoma area, and I've found business in this area to be much more difficult to cultivate. It's a smaller community overall, and business is mainly based on relationships from within the community.

  • Licensed Home Inspector 
Tacoma, Washington 
Blaine DeVoy
    Posted by Blaine DeVoy, Tacoma, Washington | Sep 15, 2009

    Hi Maura,
    Do you think that the communication challenge is due partly to us being spread out so much geographically? I suspect that social groups like ours give small businesses here some cohesion.

  • Seattle WordPress Trainer 
Seattle, Washington 
Bob Dunn
    Posted by Bob Dunn, Seattle, Washington | Jan 29, 2010

    We are starting a Social Media Club of Tacoma. Seattle's has been very successful, and it's time to put Tacoma and the surrounding communiites on the social media map!

  • Entrepreneur 
Seattle, Washington 
Michael Hartzell
    Posted by Michael Hartzell, Seattle, Washington | Jun 18, 2010

    I think ... .I will have an event. Maybe the discussion could lead to this... And how to get it done online for those searching.

    I have about a hundred ideas along this line.


    nah.... won't list them all here. too long. :)

    Stay tuned.

  • Account Manager 
Seattle, Washington 
Cindy Slettevold
    Posted by Cindy Slettevold, Seattle, Washington | Dec 09, 2010

    I have an event spaced that I booked for jan/feb/march at the new business incubator in federal way. I just learned that due to regulation in my business I can't host my own group. My plan was to expose my associates to business owners and good marketing information. Is anyone interested in this?