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Portland, Oregon
Posted by Tshombe Brown, Portland, Oregon | Mar 09, 2009

Subscribe to Portland Collaborative Thinktank for Conscious Entrepreneurs - Discussion Locations for Biznik Events - SOUTHEAST PORTLAND

Post the best places in Southeast Portland to hold Biznik events.

Please include:

  • Name of Venue & Location
  • Amenities (A/V? Food/Drink? Free Wi-Fi?)
  • Size of Space or Spaces in Venue (How many people does it accommodate?)
  • Ambience (For what sort of events -- large or small, for example -- is it most conducive?)
  • Costs, if any, to use the space
  • Misc (Anything else you might feel important or general pros/cons.  Things you might decide to include:   Is wi-fi spotty?  Is there a food/drink minimum?  How's the parking? Is there accessibility for people with disabilities?)

2 Bizniks have posted replies

  • Certified Professional Life Coach 
Portland, Oregon 
Karen Monteverdi
    Posted by Karen Monteverdi, Portland, Oregon | Mar 10, 2009

    Fireside Coffee Lodge 1223 SE Powell Blvd. Portland, OR 97202

    Coffee House has snacks, coffee, tea, fruit smoothies, Free WI-FI. Enjoyable light atmosphere.

    Space holds 30-50, no parking on premises, neighborhood parking across the street.

    To reserve the space for private 1-2 hour meetings Saturday mornings @ 9 am Sunday afternoons @ 4 pm e-mail

    You may call Karen Monteverdi at GreenMountain Enrichment and Empowerment Center 503.762.3118

  • Technical and creative writer, editor and thinker 
Portland, Oregon 
Teresa Boze
    Posted by Teresa Boze, Portland, Oregon | Mar 11, 2009

    Blitz SE 2239 11 ave has plenty of parking, wifi, great space very conducive.... (3) groupings of (3) full-sized sofas, long open bar, happy hour menu, .. large central space for mulling around... I am there now for OURPDX and Harlo Media networking events that are piggy-backing... come check it out.