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Posted by Tshombe Brown, Portland, Oregon | Apr 03, 2009

Subscribe to Portland Collaborative Thinktank for Conscious Entrepreneurs - Discussion President Obama offers his view on collaboration between US and Europe

I just read a CNN article describing President Obama's appeal to both the United States of America and the European Union 'to drop negative attitudes toward each other and to adopt "unprecedented coordination" ' in it's place.

I believe this principle should be embraced wholeheartedly among entrepreneurs.

Your thoughts?

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Portland, Oregon 
Lisa Sudo
    Posted by Lisa Sudo, Portland, Oregon | Apr 27, 2009

    Hear, hear! "Unprecedented", yes ~ but that's never stopped avid entrepreneurs before and in contrast can in fact, inspire us to create levels of cooperative and collaborative synergy...which is exactly what I believe, we are being called upon to initiate.

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Deb Irwin
    Posted by Deb Irwin, Lake Oswego, Oregon | Apr 08, 2010

    What a concept - to drop negative attitudes and adopt unprecedented coordination - how can we as entrepreneurs not totally embrace that?

    Many of my own recent experiences clearly illustrate that entrepreneurs increasingly "get it" that cooperation and collaboration make not only better business, but a better world.

    Thanks for sharing this one!