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Frequently Asked Questions

Profile Questions

  1. How do I edit my profile?
  2. How do I change my email address, login and password?
  3. I want to embed a video in my profile.
  4. How do I change the display of the map on my profile?
  5. Some members have a "Referral Network" under the Network tab. How did they get that?
  6. Can I add keywords to my profile?
  7. How can I optimize my profile for placement in Google?
  8. What is Biznik's Real Names Policy?
  9. Can I share an account with my spouse or business partner?
  10. Biznik's position on participation by content farms and reputation management companies
  11. I don't want to close my account, but I'd like to hide my profile
  12. What happens to my profile, if I downgrade to Biznik Lite?

General Questions

  1. What is Biznik?
  2. Who can join Biznik?
  3. Why should I join Biznik?
  4. Biznik's 95/5 Principle
  5. How are people using Biznik?
  6. What if my clients aren’t here?
  7. I signed up for Basic Membership, now what?
  8. Me? Host an Event?!
  9. What determines how people appear in the Members pages (I can tell it's not alphabetical!)
  10. How do I use the Member Search tool effectively?
  11. How do I change my city view of the site?
  12. How do I invite others to join Biznik?
  13. How do I add bump my SEO with a Biznik badge on my blog or web site?
  14. What are the badges on members' profiles?
  15. Unique characteristics of the Biznik Network: what is the benefit of following another user?
  16. Can I format the comments I make in the forums and discussions?
  17. I didn’t mean to say that! How can I change it? (Editing your comments.)
  18. I've deleted my account, why haven't my posts been deleted?
  19. How do I stop following a conversation, and stop getting notifications of new posts?
  20. What preferences can I control?
  21. Does Biznik have a No Spam Policy?
  22. Tips for disengaging with someone engaging on the borderline of spam
  23. How do I report abuse or inappropriate behavior by another user?
  24. Help! I can’t remember my password!
  25. How do I close my account?
  26. Can I re-open an account that I’ve closed?

Membership Questions

  1. I cam here to network and signed up for Biznik Pro. Now what?
  2. It didn't take much to convinced me of the value. I’m a ProVIP, what should I do first?
  3. Can I change plans at any time?
  4. Can I cancel at any time?
  5. Can I take a break from paying for membership without closing my account?
  6. What is the Biznik Lite?
  7. How to I get a member profile and all that SEO I hear about?
  8. What is SEO?
  9. How exactly do Biznik member profiles rank so highly?
  10. I thought Biznik was free.
  11. I signed up for a year, but I don’t want to use it anymore. Can I get a refund?
  12. How many months of membership is the promotional rate applied to?
  13. Do you offer bulk discounts for groups and associations?

Event Questions

  1. Attending an Event
  2. Creating an Event
  3. SHINE On Events
  4. Once the Event is Published
  5. Promoting an Event
  6. After the Event

Article Questions

  1. What are the editorial guidelines?
  2. What is the Biznik 95/5 principle?
  3. Where is my article?
  4. What is the difference between "published" and "circulated"?
  5. Why should I publish on Biznik?
  6. Special treatment for ProVIPs
  7. Help - I've got messed up article formatting!
  8. I see that some authors have a bio at the end of their articles. How can I get one of those?
  9. Can I edit previously published and circulated articles?

Groups Questions

  1. What are Biznik groups?
  2. Can anyone join a group?
  3. Can anyone publish events and articles to a group?
  4. Can a group NOT have events and/or articles?
  5. Can anyone create a group?
  6. Why should I create a group?
  7. Can I share the responsibility of administration?
  8. How do I send a message to everyone in my group?
  9. How do I invite people to join my group?
  10. What happens to my group if I downgrade or close my Biznik account?
  11. Can I delete my group?

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