Lara Feltin, CEO

Lara Feltin

As the Co-founder and CEO, Lara Feltin spent 10 years building Biznik into an award-winning social media company connecting over 115,000 forward-thinking business people worldwide. During that time she cultivated an expertise both in social software design, development and iteration, as well as in online community development and engagement. Her experience provides her with a unique perspective on the changing habits and expectations of members of an online community.

Biznik won an international Webby Award in 2008 for social networking and was featured in reports by Forbes magazine, National Public Radio, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, among others. Biznik was showcased in New York Times bestselling author, John Jantsch’s The Referral Engine (Portfolio 2010).

Lara was named one of Seattle’s “Top 25 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs” by Seattle Business Monthly, and included in Seattle Magazine’s 2008 Power Players list of “Most Influential People.” In 2009 she was named among Seattle’s Top 100 Women in Technology by Techflash.

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