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Daniel Mandel
Daniel Mandel
Mobile Funeral Director
Northern California, California

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Entrepreneur Brings Funeral Service Into the 21st Century

While every business is different, few are truly different within their own industry. When Mandel Funeral Services opened in an area with long established competition they looked for ways to distinguish themselves.
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Hi-Tech, Contemporary and Portable are words normally not applied to funeral service.  Startup Mandel Funeral Services of Northern California has changed that.

While most funeral homes have been reluctant to enter the 20th Century a new entrepreneur has created a funeral home for the 21st Century.  First opening in August of 2006 Mandel Funeral Services has changed the way funeral homes serve families.

Daniel Mandel, a 28 year veteran of the funeral profession, founded a new funeral home 100 years after his great-grandfather did the same.  Wishing to focus their skills on serving the Jewish Community meant they would need to serve a large area to support their efforts.

Technology was the answer to how they could accomplish this.  Lap-top computers with air-cards and portable printers make it possible to meet with families anywhere in Northern California.  A battery operated Bose sound system enables them to conduct funerals in a wider range of environments.  Portable scanners allow their staff to collect photographs and documents from families without ever removing them from the family home.  Many people are learning about Mandel’s presence on the web.

Contemporary families look for ways to make funeral services more personal and individual.  Mandel Funeral Services has answered this by arranging for many personalized settings throughout Northern California for services.  They offer Car Museums, Yacht Clubs, Historical Mansions, Golf Courses and many other venues including traditional funeral and cemetery chapels.  Custom printed guest books, service folders and thank you cards along with photo montage videos make everything personal.

Portability is probably one of the greatest innovations that Mandel has developed.  They bring everything to the family to plan the funeral.  In the family’s home, or other convenient location, they bring photographs of caskets with finish samples to make the selection process easy.

The services are also portable.  Mandel Funeral Services brings easels, candle stands podiums and other equipment to make any environment, indoors or out, an appropriate setting for a funeral.

Mandel Funeral Services has already served families locally in Sonoma, Sacramento, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, Napa, Placer, Marin and Solano Counties.  Additionally they have pre-arranged services with families in Marin, San Mateo and Placer Counties as well.

“When we look at the way people have been doing weddings for over 40 years it’s obvious that funeral homes have a lot of catching up to serve the current population.” said founder Dan Mandel.  Recently some wedding planners have started working with families planning funerals but Mandel maintains that funeral directors can still hold the edge because of their experience with the rapid turnaround needed for funerals.

Mandel Funeral Services is everything that funerals have never been.  If other funeral homes want to serve the needs of today’s mourners they will need to learn from Mandel to be ready.

For further information contact Daniel A. Mandel (866) 962-6335.

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