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Capitalism Bottoms Out

How bottom should the bottom line be. From ancient lessons can be learned how to have a balanced system.

Written Apr 08, 2008, read 265 times since then.


The problem with capitalism is the greed for the bottom line—taking everything and leaving nothing. This idea was unknown to the ancient peoples of the earth; many societies mandated leaving what fell to the ground or abandoned on the tree. It was a natural way to disperse the wealth and make sure everyone was furnished with minimal requirements. Those who wish to procure goods became wealthy, but not at the expense of others, on the contrary—it was the commerce which provided for the poor.

It is common for the human being to curve their natural greed by leaving something for others, so why does society struggle beneath the burden of the bottom line? To make things worse the capitalists who demand the bottom line are reluctant to be taxed for the sake of society and her ills. Instead, they insist on institutions to care for the woes of society, but since it is the capitalists who build and operate the institutions their prime objective is also the bottom line.

This odd bottom line philosophy, this odious dictum of the irrational is a self-proclaiming dogma of expediency; even more than taking everything is doing the deed cleanly and quickly. There is no rational necessity for taking everything, only a compulsion without reason—the inner sickness that greed tries to feed. Recently, the well respected New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested as a means to control the homeless and poor to offer incentives of cash to reward proper behavior.

The greatest power of money is to bribe; the power of money is very strong because the metal of gold and silver or precious gems is practically immutable. These treasured substances are the father of gravity; to hold on to them makes one feel safe; everything else compared to silver and gold is ephemeral. Our monetary system is suspended by the golden thread of our resources; using money to bribe other countries into behavior deemed fitting for the benefit of our country is now being adopted by suggesting we do the same for the American public.

Capitalism does not work anymore than communism worked because people can not be reduced down to an ism. The people of the world are unique and it is in our uniqueness that we are equal. The worst of the isms is religion who adopted that same bottom line mentality—the ancient ways of elder peoples have been reduced down to religion because then they get a tax break.

Besides expediency, the system put into place by capitalism has a deleterious effect upon the human spirit to be given money in place of work. Work is very important to the human being in defining our place in this world. Not all works have obvious benefits, but each person should be allowed their work. The philosophical core of the bottom line is a righteous indignation towards those whose work does not directly benefit the bottom line.

To try and define life in America as the Mayor of New York City did calling us a capitalistic society is to put us into a silver box shackled in gold chains with the lights turned off.

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