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Keith  Gormezano - As "<i>Dr. QuickBooks & Quicken</i>", <b>I make house calls</b> to <b>solve your accounting and bookkeeping problems</b>, set up your new......

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  • Ignore the map, it doesn't work! 
Everett, Washington 
Dennis Dilday, D.C.
  • Copywriter 
Lake Stevens, Washington 
Joy Burke
  • Biznik Co-founder/CEO 
Seattle, Washington 
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  • Engagement Ideas for Family, Corporate and Education 
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"Dr. QuickBooks & Quicken" - I make house calls to make your accounting, bookkeeping, Point of Sale, or Enterprise software (QuickBooks (aka Quick Books), Peachtree, Money, or Quicken) work for you, instead of against you.

2304 NE 89th St
Seattle, Washington 98115


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  • Skype: keithgormezano
  • Yahoo: keithgormezano
  • MSN: keithgormezano

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About Keith

As "Dr. QuickBooks & Quicken", I make house calls to solve your accounting and bookkeeping problems, set up your new business's books, review what you have done, & train you how to use the software properly so you can sleep at night.

I'm an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certification in Intuit's Online, Point of Sale (POS) and Enterprise software, a former "COO", & nominated for the City of Seattle Mayor's Small Business Award. I was ranked a Top 100 ProAdvisor by Intuitive Accountant in 2014.

I provide customized, in-person, one-on-one training, tutoring, consulting, classes, instruction, seminars...[more]

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  • Home Inspectors, Structural Pest Inspectors 
Seattle, Washington 
Suzanne Greive
    Given on Wed May 29, 2013.

    We hired Keith for a Quickbooks overview. He was extremely helpful and took the time to make sure we understood...[more]

  • Custom WordPress & Print Design for Small Business 
Seattle, Washington 
Sheila  Hoffman
    Given on Thu Dec 27, 2012.

    I searched Biznik for Quickbooks and checked out everyone who came up in my area. Keith's video and writeup struck...[more]

  • Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Consulting 
Portland, Oregon 
Manisha Jain
    Given on Thu Jan 12, 2012.

    I contacted Keith last week for feedback on the QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor program and advice on starting my QuickBooks...[more]

  • Electrical contractor 
Auburn, Washington 
Eric Johnson
    Given on Tue May 31, 2011.

    We contacted Keith to get some one on one training with QuickBooks for our electrical contracting business. From the beginning...[more]

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2304 NE 89th St
Seattle, Washington 98115

  • 2901 Rockefeller
    Everett, Washington 98201

  • The Bravern
    Bellevue, Washington 98004

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  • QuickBooks 2014 Pro or additional license for 2013 for the PC or additional license for 2013 for the Mac at my cost ($160) when you sign up for three or more hours of my services

    Book three consecutive hours of my services and receive QuickBooks 2014 Pro for the PC or 2014 for the Mac at my Advanced Certified QuickBooks...[more]

    Updated Jun 03, 2014

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