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Flat Fee Merchant Services Guarantees One Flat Fee! Every Month, Every time!

Flat Fee Merchant Services mission is to revolutionize the way merchant service providers transact business by offering business owners an unprecedented monthly FLAT FEE for their card processing and related services.
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My Name is Ken Tevis with Flat Fee Merchant Services. We are offering your business an opportunity to Save Thousands of Dollars per year on your Credit Card Processing Services.

Aren't you tired of fluctuating rates, & hidden fees?

Does your monthly statement differ from what was promised to you?

Don't worry, you are in a group of thousands that are being taken advantage of by greedy, money hungry companies looking out for only themselves.

Did you know that there are over 220 (two hundred and twenty) different ways for a merchant company to charge you just to accept credit cards???

Did you know that the low rate you were quoted when you signed up was only a promotional rate and Increases every Quarter???

Did you know that for a simple transaction you could be paying upwards or 7% per transaction???

Are you ready to hear about another option???

Great! Flat Fee Merchant Services is a company founded on moral principles. We offer a product that will help your business save on its bottom line. In a down economy, with rising energy prices,we need to save every penny we can. With that said, our services will provide you with a FLAT MONTHLY FEE that is guaranteed to be lower than what you are already paying. Not only that but we also guarantee that your statement will never increase. We assume all of the risk and provide you with a statement that never changes and is promised to save you money, and LOTS OF IT!!!

We Guarantee business the Lowest Price! With no Added Fees!
NO Reprogramming fee
NO Gateway Set Up fee
NO Virtual Terminal fee
NO Application fee
NO Account Set up Fee
NO Statement Fees


FFMS provides high quality card processing services to startup and existing merchants. Along with traditional credit and debit card processing, the company offers an array of customized services and innovative products including virtual terminals, check readers, check guarantees, cash advances and gift/loyalty cards. At Flat Fee Merchant Services, we treat you, the merchant, like family by lowering your processing costs and then converting them into a single FLAT FEE!!!

These are just a few of the many reasons businesses like yours are choosing to use Flat Fee Merchant Services for their Credit Card Processing needs!

If Interested Please Call/E-mail to get started or Hear more information.

Thank you again for your Time,

Ken Tevis
Flat Fee Merchant Services
Office: (888) 369-1317
Cell: (678) 860-4773
"One Price, Every Month, Every Time"

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