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Linda Clevenger - I am an Organizing and Productivity Consultant for Businesses. Sometimes it just takes an outside source to help you make......

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Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

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What Linda does

I am an Organizing and Productivity Consultant for Businesses. Sometimes it just takes an outside source to help you make the decisions that need to be made...whether to donate, keep, sell of trash items in your home or office and to get your business organized. We also help you lay our a specific roadmap to get and stay organized. And we also help businesses organize their short term projects. This is more cost-effective than hiring another fulltime employee.. We can make sense of what needs in a project by breaking it down into pieces and opportunities to keep a project moving forward and meet your deadlines.

One of the areas that businesses struggle is with their data management. We are the only certified consultant of Mobillogic, a system that allows your business to become paperless. Mobillogic can help you organize your files, physical papers and even your in-house and vehicle inventory systems.

We are also SWaM certified.

We provide a Program called the Organized Entrepreneur. This is a specialized program to meet your needs to stay totally focused on your daily tasks and duties. Don't get so far behind that you feel like you can never catch up. We often over-estimate the amount of time that a goal will take because we look at the very big picture. We help businesses and homeowners chunk down their time into a manageable pieces to help them reach their goals.


Linda's specialties

I really enjoy helping businesses and homeowners develop specific systems to meet their organizing needs and space available. I also enjoy providing consulting services/accountability sessions to help keep my clients on track on a weekly basis to help them reach their organizing goals.


My original education was in the Legal Profession as an Administrative Assistant. I have gone through multiple certifications and such throughout the last 28 years.


I have been in business for 5 years and helped over 40 clients in 2010. I have assisted with everything from a basic closet organization to a whole home organizing project and hoarders. I particular enjoy paperwork - sorting and setting up filing systems that my clients can use on a daily basis.

In 2011 we have started focusing on helping businesses and their needs Some of our clients this year include a coffee roaster - we have assisted with the process of having his coffee placed in Wal-Mart; Dominoes Pizza, we organized years of paperwork; a local flooring company - we developed their policy and procedures; and many other smaller projects to help home-based businesses and home businesses become organized,