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Organizing Your Paperwork

I use this system to keep my daily paperwork organized. It works well for both businesses and homeowners.
Written Nov 04, 2011, read 366 times since then.


<img title="Smead Stadium Organizer" src="" height="150" alt="" width="150" />      Until a few weeks ago, I had promoted my Personalized Filing System and recommended using  a portable file box that could be purchased at Staples, Office Depot or even Wal-Mart, Target or Ross.  Staples and Office Depot had more generic type of Portable File Boxes while the Department Stores seemed  to have file boxes that are cute and colorful.  This seemed to be the best recommendation when it came to finding something affordable and functional  that both offices and homeowners could use on a daily basis to handle every piece of paper that they receive.

Then I received my Stadium File Folder from  Smead.  What a perfect portable system to manage my File It, Find It...FAST Filing system.  While it's pretty plain and ordinary; Its portable, lightweight, stadium design makes it even easier for me to find whatever I need, when I need it....(as I preach  - within 2 minutes or less)!  The benefit of a stadium stand-up file is that it makes filing and finding paperwork  even easier because you can see everything that you need immediately, No more fingering through the files to get to what I need!  I really think that Smead Office Products designed this just for me and my clients.

Although it comes with pre-printed labels that you can easily use to file your paperwork (such as Alphabetical, monthly, numerical and a variety of preprinted tabs such as auto, dental, receipts, etc.), I'm going to choose to use the blank labels and implement my proprietary system so that I can continue to find every piece of paper that I need, when I need it.  When a system works, stick with it!  This is just a quick and simple switch from what I am currently using and with 11 pockets available, this is more than enough to meet my needs for my:  To Do, To Read, To File, Waiting for Response, Tax Receipts, Coupons, Envelopes/Stamps and Kids paperwork.  The best part is that it will expand to hold 900 sheets of paper, however, it won't allow things to get too out of control.  I even use the front of the folder to store my plastic paper clips (check out the picture) so that they are available whenever I need a paperclip for anything - and it still looks really cute. 

The Stadium File Folder System has allowed me to be even more productive every day and I'm saving even more time than before because of the design.  If you are really creative, you can even decorate the front of the folder and maybe change it out for the holidays or seasons.  You can definitely make your Stadium File Folder System something that you will look forward to using every day of the week. 

If you'd like more information about my Filing System - FFF (File It, Find It...FAST!) I'll be happy to send you an MP3 recording that will cover the process of organizing your paperwork and using the system every day to save time and money.

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Linda Clevenger

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