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Keep Gratitude in Circulation

How does gratitude affect our business? How does it translate to the business owner and to the consumer? See how a simple choice can affect our daily life and the future of our economy.
Written Mar 30, 2009, read 416 times since then.


What is one undeniable form of gratitude in business?  When we have a need for something and begin our search, which may take some time from our schedule and perhaps include a bad experience or two, what is the feeling that overwhelms us when we hit upon something that satisfies and ends our search?

That feeling can be called many things; happiness, elation, contentment... but when one considers the motivator inside us promoting those feelings of well-being and fullness, and the human propensity to return to that place for repeated positive affirmation and for having one's needs met, that motivator can be called gratitude.

The ToDo Institute has this to say about the subject:

Gratitude is the essence of good mental health and spirituality.  In the Japanese language there is a term  -- on.  The meaning of on often includes a sense of gratitude combined with a desire to repay others for what we have been given.  It's not just that we feel grateful, or that we express our gratitude, but that we actually experience a sincere desire to give something back.  We might think of it as appreciation that stimulates a sense of obligation.  Not an externally imposed obligation.  But a sense of obligation that arises naturally within us as we recognize how we have been supported and cared for by others. ~

Gratitude may be the motivating attitude behind gratefulness, but it is one that doesn't come natural to most.  Think about how easy it is for us to complain about things we aren't happy with.  How many of us know people that we shun because of their negative and complaining mouths?  How much clout do you give them credit for, really?  Do they earn our respect?  Do we really believe what they say?  Or do we gravitate toward the one who is positive, smiling and oozing with the attitude of gratitude?

Opening the mouth and giving complaint to something is something that comes much easier than choosing to be thankful and give a good review, which is unfortunate. How many of us have heard back from new clients that they read a positive review from one of our ad sites and because of it chose us?  How does that make you feel?  I tell you, it makes me giddy with gratitude!  I will be eternally grateful to the one positive and believable person who was pleased with us and chose to leave that 5-star review!

Complaining or being grateful is a choice we make.  Go through one whole day, and when the mouth opens to complain, stop and change direction.  Make the conscious choice to say "Thank You" or acknowledge your gratitude for everything and to everyone who does something that serves and pleases you, even if it is small.  If the food is OK but the service is terrific, leave that generous tip instead of change for a dollar!  Your gratitude becomes action that impacts the people in your world and the results of it can change your life.

For business owners in today's economy, we have an obligation to remain true to our own form of gratitude towards those who choose us: Excellence and Service.  High Quality.  And our own sense of satisfaction is a job well done, well-seasoned with relief over a met payroll and the gaining of another happy and loyal customer we can now choose to keep.

For our customers, that gratitude is translated into repeat and referred business, repeat and referred customers, and repeat and referred sales.  When it comes to the bottom line for business owners having to pay the bills, our customer's gratitude is translated into monetary transactions.  When the client is truly grateful for what we've provided them, they choose to multiply that form of appreciation by the many more satisfied guests who choose to do business with us through their grateful referrals. 

Gratitude is a two-way street.  And even when many of us aren't spending as much as we were a year ago, we can still keep that gratitude trickling in and flowing out.  It doesn't cost us as business owners to provide a smile or a note of gratitude in an email in addition to the same excellence we've always provided, and a satisfied client won't need to spend precious time and money to keep looking because they are already grateful for us and what we provide for them.  Gratitude is good for our economy.  Let's keep it in circulation!

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