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Inbound Marketing Training Follow up to Questions

There were a few unanswered questions from Tuesday's free workshop. As promised, here is the follow up.
Written Jul 25, 2010, read 903 times since then.


On Tuesday a group of talented people gathered to learn more about how they can expand their presence online.

Here are a few questions left on the 3x5 cards.  I answer in snack form hoping it will help you take the next best step. 

Most of the questions have so many variables that to give just one answer is almost a disservice. 



Is Wordpress effective if you don't intend to blog often?


Yes.  Wordpress can be an effective tool. 

The answer is very dependent on business goals and how the website / blog is used to enhance your business.  If the website is menat ot be a reference and support those who currently know you, it can give past or present customers a better feeling about you.

Wordpress is a software / website tool to improve your marketing efforts. 

i would recommend that if you intend to blog less often, to have AMAZINING, high quality content and shaer with a click in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, etc.



Where can I find info from your past classes?


If you take a look at the past events: and reach out to those who attended, you may find they have good notes. 

I did not record or video the events and they were designed to help the people in the room with their particular questions / struggles.

On the other hand, there is a very full resource at:

The training is free and packed full of experts.  Each video offers plenty of information.



How can someone get higher on Google?


No one workshop will answer this nor is there a guarantee.  There are best practices to follow.

We might take a look at the event page on Biznik:

As of today, when I Google "free workshop", the event page above is ono the first page. 

There are two lessons built into this example.  Having a Biznik event with many participants, with comments and keywords offers you more authority and may improve your chance of getting found.

The second lesson which is not so apparent is:  very few are searching for the exact phrase: "free workshop" according to the Google Keyword tool.

This question can be tackled one on one to look at your goals, your terms and your opportunities.   Here is a more extensive inbound marketing training course.



Can you build a questionnaire to help one build their "profile" with focus, charisma, accuracy, brevity and offer?



This was presented as a yes or no question.  I am unsure if it was asked to know if I could get it done or if it was possible.

As a guerrilla, I like to watch what the big boys are doing and understand their results.  Many of the big companies miss out on the "charisma" but their big marketing budgets do prove to offer opportunity to learn more.

It is many times better to have a simple straightforward questionnaire which keeps it simple.  Over a short time, a series of simple questions might be easier for a client to answer.

Watch what Facebook is developing:  Do you like this?  Click Like



Do L-O-N-G sales pages work?  I find them annoying and sale-sy.  Do they actually work?


Yes they can.  They don't necessarily work just because of their style.

I compare this question to:  Do infomercials work?  Do 90 minute sales pitch videos work?

Yes.  They can work.  There is much more to the formula than simply creating a sales page.

Those who create the sales pages know how annoying they are and also know the number of people actually reading the whole page is very low.

The purpose of the page is to create emotion and persuade you to that point of a "yes". 

It has been said over and over.... they read the top and then go straight to the PS at the end.

STOP:  For a moment, we should look at what "work" means.

Make a profit?  Sure it can.  If you set up one long page and it costs $5 a month for hosting and you make two sales per month, it works. 

Create a business?  That is entirely another question and needs a serious look a more complex plan.

Can a long sales page turn people off and label you as one to stay away from?  Yes.

Understanding the psychology of human nature might be found in:  "Wizard of Ads" book.  i highly recommend it for anyone who has the desire to dig deeper.



What is the effectiveness of inbound links from other places back to your landing page.


The effectiveness relative to "attracting people" depends on relevance.  If a person is searching and notices your link and the content enhances the value of the link...  and THEN they go to your site and become impressed by what you offer to the point of subscribing, buying, calling, then every inbound link becomes a potential click.

Inbound links to landing page with the primary purpose of creating a link may appear on the surface valuable according to SEO.  Enough inbound links from authority site with high traffic can be effective for re-enforcing the identify of the page.  

Variables exist such as types of inbound links, freshness, traffic, etc. 

If your competitors have 30,000 inbound links, your landing page  need a slight adjustment as you specialize more. 

In all cases... think in terms of high volume.  (though high volume junk that is not relevant is worse than low volume quality.



What are your rates?


One on one? 






Since the need varies, (appetite) -- so do rates.  Since every project / purpose must have a return on investment (ROI), it is better to have a good conversation in much the same way as if you took a horse to a trainer and said:  "How much to win the Kentucky Derby?"

The difficulty (my opinion) with consultants is that one might be able to help a business owner go to the moon. (And charge accordingly)  When a business owner just wants to go 10 blocks, they pay for a taxi, not a jet plane.

The goal:  ROI.  Rates are relative to the journey and need.



How can I monetize my website?


Try the simplest form of buy/sell. 

Practice on eBay or even Amazon.  The reason is that it focuses on:  product or service page.  You describe and they click and buy or pass.

A photo, a description, the benefits, a guarantee, testimonials, a buy button are small pieces of the puzzle.

This question is so very wide so I just offer random thoughts.

(if you lean on systems already in place, that will help speed up your journey.  Google shopping carts.  Affliates via payspree or clickbank or commission junction to name a few)

It may be a good move to find the best of the best online relative to what you want to do, then take the best and tweak it, change it, upgrade it, simplify it.  Don’t reinvent the wheel while trying to monetize a website.  Find the best… and innovate.




What is the best social network to promote a public speaking / instruction business?


I will lean on my far away mentor for this one:  Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerrilla Marketing.

Do not rely on any one tool or resource when marketing.  Instead, create a synergy between several tools.

Touch points via mail, phone, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, blogging, etc. allows a person to improve the chance of getting found and as they know you better, trust you to give you a yes with their hard earned money. 

Instead of thinking in terms of which is the best social network, I challenge one to think "what is the profile /persona" of the persons whose life you are about to improve?

Once you know this, you can then find where they hang out together.  You do not want to invent a product / service / coaching service without being able to describe them in detail. 

If you then truly understand them, you will immediately use the social media to connect with people.  I would hope which becomes obvious because it is part of their identity.

Who you want to connect with, get introduced to, and make invitations to comes before the question:  "which tool should I use".

I think for anyone doing public speaking, YouTube must be a reality.  Video sharing can be done via Facebook, Posterous, YouTube and Twitter. 


That’s it.  Those were a few of the questions.  I answered the rest privately.

Very difficult to take questions for which books are written about and condense them down into a blog or article.  I offer instead a snack to help you take the next best step.

All of the questions can be tackled without adding more time to the schedule but there will be a short learning curve.  A map and a guide are helpful to those who want to move faster.  That is where I come in. 

 If these answers are too much snack and not enough meal… then contact me and I will give a bit more. 

Your success determines mine …


Learn more about the author, Michael Hartzell.

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