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    I love your article! I smiled as I read it, and it made me feel ahead of the curve. In 2010 I bought an orange leather purse in Italy (actually in San Marino) but haven't carried it much. I'm getting it out of the closet and showing the world my optimism. And who cares if it clashes with my red coat? to go shopping for some yellow silk trousers.



    Thanks for asking, Penelope.

    We had 95 people in the room. Of those, 30 were members of the Professional Business Builders Chapter of BNI; 65 were visitors.


    Good points, Nadir. I wrote about logistical details in the Top Ten article. Advertising, promotion and attendance is another article that begs to be written.

    Smart of you to cap your numbers at 30. I prefer smaller meetings too, for many reasons.


    Pete, your comments are spot on. I too had a disaster around your #6. A speaker brought a presention on a flash drive - in a brand new version of PowerPoint that had just begun selling in stores. The conference center had the older version loaded on their laptop. After the title slide, little comment bubbles kept popping up (not meant for audience consumption). The speaker was furious and he apparently didn't know how to tap dance.

    Not even the a/v guy (as per Nadir's comments above - I agree, pay to hire a/v experts) could figure it out, as it was the first time to happen to him, too. Next day, the conference center went out a bought the newest version of MS PowerPoint.

    And now I use my own laptop and carry my own VGA cable too. Once I ran into a small hotel that didn't have one. Ack!

    Caveat electonricor!

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