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QuickBooks And Xero Outsourced Contractors Bookkeeping Services
Lynnwood, Washington

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Free Construction Invoice Template On Excel

We have several Invoice Templates for small sales "The Free Stand Alone Invoice", "Residential Remodel Pay Application" and"Commercial Pay Application.
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Chaos Is Always On The Dollars Coming In; Never On The Money Going Out !

Most Construction Business Owners - Take a lot of pride in their work and for some reason are reluctant to ask for money from their customers and clients. There are some deep seated psychological reasons behind this and we will not go into them here.

Some Years Ago - We developed a collection of Invoice templates for all levels of construction companies that we target with annual sales from start-up $0.00 - $5,000,000. Suffice to say we have construction clients well above the $5M mark and their needs are different.

We Have Several Invoice Templates - From the one used for small sales "The Free Stand Alone Invoice" shown below, the "Residential Remodel Pay Application" and the "Commercial Pay Application" which we prepare from data inside QuickBooks as part of our Strategic Bookkeeping Services.

Free Invoice Template From Fast Easy Accounting

Please feel free to download the Free Contractor Invoice Template Using The Button Below 



Do  You Also Need Help Outsourced Construction Bookkeeping?

Are You At The Mercy - Of your bookkeeper? Does your bookkeeper have any of these bad habits?

Did You Know - That you may be able to have your construction bookkeeping done professionally for less than you are spending now!

People Ask How - Can we save them $100's or even $1,000's dollar a year when they can do their own construction bookkeeping or hire a Cheap Bookkeeper? Read our article Cheap Bookkeepers

The System Is The Solution - In 1991 we developed a Comprehensive Construction Strategic Bookkeeping System to add useful content to QuickBooks setup in order to make it work for construction companies. Since then we have made thousands of improvements and we continually improve, update, innovate and enhance it. 

Having Worked With Contractors - And seen 100's of QuickBooks setup files, met with lots of bankers, bonding companies, commercial insurance brokers in addition to our own experiences owning and operating construction businesses we understand the special type of strategic bookkeeping services that construction company owners like you need.

Having owned and operated - Several construction businesses over the past 30+ years we understand your industry and best practices when it comes to contractors bookkeeping, construction accounting and operating a profitable construction business.

One Key To Success - Is delegating stuff you don't like doing because you aren't doing it right anyway. 

Our Strategic Bookkeeping Services System Delivers - Strategic contractors bookkeeping services right and on time because we are not at the mercy of our bookkeeping staff.


QuickBooks And Xero Outsourced Contractors Bookkeeping Services 
Lynnwood, Washington 
Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA

Randal is co-founder of Business Consulting and Accounting and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor offering Outsourced Construction Bookkeeping Services And Outsourced Accounting services to construction companies and service professionals all across the USA. 206-361

Learn more about the author, Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA.

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