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SHINE: The Entrepreneur's Journey

A short film by Dan McComb & Ben Medina

Just click, sit back and watch. (24 min.)

To see more of Dan's work, visit

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  • Author. Entreprenuer. 
Ojai, California 
Jason Womack
    Posted by Jason Womack, Ojai, California | Feb 16, 2011

    Dear Dan and Ben,

    Thank you for sharing this research with us. Sitting down to talk with people and hear their story gives people like us something to "hold on to" as we move toward our next venture.

    They say timing is 2 and a half hours, my wife and I will start a series of 4 presentations for high school students on Entrepreneurship! I'm so glad I found this video; it gives me some ideas and inspires me to move further with our ideas.

  • Author. Entreprenuer. 
Ojai, California 
Jason Womack
    Posted by Jason Womack, Ojai, California | Feb 17, 2011

    What IS an entrepreneur? I think this is the most amazing question people can ask.

    If not themselves as entrepreneurs, most people know someone. Oh, and they go by different names, don't they? Self-starter. Enthusiastic. Persistent. Hyper-focused.

    The common denominators, as discussed in this wonderful movie, give us something to sit around and talk about. Engaging in the discussion, coming up with ideas, putting actions on the to-do list, and "doing what we said we would do;" those are the things that make us what we are.

    Thanks for making this movie, the interviews are awesome!

  • Writing & Publishing Coach, Business & Marketing Consultant 
Bellevue, Washington 
Deborah Drake
    Posted by Deborah Drake, Bellevue, Washington | Feb 17, 2011

    Mighty cool Dan and Ben and all who contributed to the content of this short film...

    What interests me is WHAT is the fulll story of all that happened to each of us before we took the plunge. That we can each inventory and learn much from.

    Therein lies a full spectrum of tales and talents and failures and accomplishments "big and small" that all contribute to what we ultimately move to do.

    I honor where I am at by being aware of where I came from and how it helped me get to where I presently choose to be.

    Happy in the best of ways. Vibrant even when fatigued. Willing to do what it takes. Know that ultimately I am choosing this path today and will again tomorrow.

    Congratulations on coming out SHINE and all who shared in the making of it.

    Deborah Drake

    Authentic Writing Provokes

  • Marketing Strategist and Business Consultant 
San Francisco, California 
Amy Harcourt
    Posted by Amy Harcourt, San Francisco, California | Feb 18, 2011

    "My last real job was....."

    I heard this statement and thought "My most real job started when I launched my own business."

    After years of high achievement, high performance work for others, I realized how much more fulfilling it would be to do this for myself and for my clients, partners and contractors.

    I love the many voices of SHINE that express what I've felt for the past 12 years.


  • SOHO & Sm Biz Mgmt Consultant/Bkkpr & Freelance Writer 
Portland, Oregon 
Lisa Sudo
    Posted by Lisa Sudo, Portland, Oregon | Feb 18, 2011

    Thank you, thank you! The much anticipated production of your timely vision into what it means to be an entrepreneur is finally here!

    You've done a fantastic job in capturing not only the reasons why we do it but the challenges we endure to pursue a life we feel is as necessary as it is preferred.

    Personally I've had a couple of tough days. It was uplifting and inspiring (all over again), to remember why it is that I keep working for me! Because "I" believe in me and who better to do it than myself? Even better is when you've been around for awhile and have built a group of people that believe in you even when you are a bit uncertain yourself.

    Very Poignant & Realistic Film!

  • Chief Executive Organizer, LET'S MAKE ROOM 
Oakland, California 
Lis Golden McKinley
    Posted by Lis Golden McKinley, Oakland, California | Feb 18, 2011

    These are the faces of the future economy. Now we just need to get the government and the politicians to take notice and realize our economic survival depends on entrepreneurship and micro-businesses not by providing tax breaks to multi-million dollar corporations.

  • Publisher 
Cicero, New York 
Shelly Straub
    Posted by Shelly Straub, Cicero, New York | Feb 18, 2011

    Thank you so much for that incredible short film! I will watch it again and again and have forwarded it to many! It makes me feel as if I'm on the right road, headed in the right direction! Was at the 'pulling my hair out' phase... but now have a positive mental attitude back in place. MANY THANKS!

  • Online Marketing Strategist 
San Francisco, California 
Sean Marshall
    Posted by Sean Marshall, San Francisco, California | Feb 18, 2011

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Seattle Social Media/SEO 
Seattle, Washington 
Deric Wilborn
    Posted by Deric Wilborn, Seattle, Washington | Feb 18, 2011

    Very nicely shot. Love the variety.

    I will definitely watch this for emergency uplift and focus situations going forward.

    I hope it remains available.


  • Aspiring To Be An Enterpreneur. 
Accra Ghana 
Kwesi Ahen
    Posted by Kwesi Ahen, Accra Ghana | Feb 18, 2011

    Thanks soo much for this, it has really awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in us... this is awful. Thanks Dan.

  • Cruise Business Owner 
Bothell, Washington 
John Trivedi
    Posted by John Trivedi, Bothell, Washington | Feb 18, 2011

    What a great film, truly amazing job by Dan, Ben, Lara and the entire Biznik entrepreneurial team. It seems like it was just yesterday we were at the studio filming, can't believe May will be 2 years!

    Thank you again for producing this fantastic film, I can't wait to share it with others!

    Cheers, John

  • RN Trainer Speaker Writer 
Beaufort, North Carolina 
Annette Tersigni
    Posted by Annette Tersigni, Beaufort, North Carolina | Feb 18, 2011

    Shine...what a perfect TITLE. Yes, it is all about how we entrepreneurs can allow our hearts, our passions to be birthed. How we ultimately become ourselves and THAT is what shines and is magnetically attractive to others!

  • Conscious Business Authority and Change Agent 
Austin, Texas 
Lynn Scheurell
    Posted by Lynn Scheurell, Austin, Texas | Feb 18, 2011

    This is the new definition of entrepreneuring!!!! As a life-long serial entrepreneur, the most recent being my current business of 14 years (against the odds, as I ‘peddle’ consciousness), watching this movie replayed my journey to me. I ‘felt’ this movie on many levels. And it’s exactly this message that compels me to do what I do as a professional Catalyst because, for me, expressing our life purpose through business is our highest calling made manifest. That, for me, is the key to personal freedom.

    I believe that we each should have, at the very least, the choice of entrepreneuring and if ‘how-to’ or personal blocks or sabotaging patterns are holding you back, let’s get those handled so you can decide. And if you’re already entrepreneuring, there will be highs and lows and you will grow. Your business grows only as fast as you do.

    Being an entrepreneur is the accelerated path to personal development because you get to see your beliefs made tangible (and real quick too!). If you don’t get it figured out, if you aren’t willing to be accountable, and open to new information at the same time, if you let a problem be bigger than you, you pay the consequence. But you also get to live on your leading edge all the time and sort your way through paradoxes on a regular basis. There’s power in that, and most ‘civilians’ really don’t understand it.

    Entrepreneuring is best felt and then figured out. I’ve seen that over and over again in the now thousands of people I’ve supported as a Catalyst. The smallest successes are celebrated because they matter.

    I celebrate your huge accomplishment of this film, because a) you did it and b) it presents the rich nuances and complex facets of entrepreneurship in a profound and powerful way. Thank you to everyone who contributed by making your purpose manifest in order to make entrepreneurs shine. :+)

  • Transformation Expert, Image Consultant, Personal Trainer, Law of Attraction Coach 
Seattle, Washington 
Kat Kim
    Posted by Kat Kim , Seattle, Washington | Feb 18, 2011

    "Entrepreneurs are willing to live off of Ramen.." That's my favorite line! GREAT GREAT GREAT film. THANK YOU.

  • Owner 
Seattle, Washington 
John Spiers
    Posted by John Spiers, Seattle, Washington | Feb 18, 2011

    Excellent video... if I may: Of course, the customer is the most important element in business, the one we serve. Getting the product (or service) right is the hardest element. If you get the product right, everything else, including finance, is easy. As to product, the only opinion that matters is that of the customer. You must speak to a customer at some point, why not do that first?

    These ideas that pop up are best treated as hypotheses, to be tested. Go straight to those you dream will be your customer, and propose: “If I show you (state your product or service) I believe you will be my customer” Do not try to sell, that is too hard. Expect a “no” because that is most likely. But every “no” comes with a “because” which in turn is feedback for ever improving your product and service, until it is viable.

    Work on the problem, set all of the other stuff aside (biz cards, office, licenses) until you get the offer right. Then worry about all the rest. You need take no risks, you need never go out of business. You are the content, just be cold blooded about the process.

  • Owner/Curator 
Seattle, Washington 
Sheri Hauser
    Posted by Sheri Hauser, Seattle, Washington | Feb 18, 2011

    I was there May 2009 to share a story, and while I do love the results of your film, I was sad not to see more clips from all those 100's of people who waited in line with me on that day. I can admit I wasn't really ready to share my entrepreneur's dream, as I was still suppressing the possibilities. I'm delighted to report that I finally got the courage, and I think giving a voice to my plan when I was filmed that day helped me to move forward. Next month, my gallery celebrates it's ONE year anniversary and now my full time job is to support local artists in a fun & funky environment that I've designed with my husband. I hope I can afford to do this for the rest of my life!

    ps: months after the event I heard that video clips were made available to each participant, but I never received anything. I'd be so curious if still available. please contact me if so: Sheri(at)ShopTastyArt(dot com) THANKS!

  • CEO 
Vancovuer, Vancovuer Canada 
Stephen Duke
    Posted by Stephen Duke, Vancovuer, Vancovuer Canada | Feb 20, 2011

    True, many people become entrepreneurs because they don't want to work for someone else, make their own hours, etc.

    These so-called entrepreneurs MUST EVENTUALLY learn the MARKET WILL TELL THEM WHAT TO DO, HOW AND WHEN if you they want to be successful entrepreneurs. They must listen to their master.

    Entrepreneurs are like writers. Yes, you can write a manuscript and put it on the shelf (or try getting a real publisher - same thing) and this makes you a "writer". But, is that what they really want?

    Real entrepreneurs focus on people's needs, desires, problems etc. and find ways to solve them.

    Like people with AHDD, entrepreneurs need a support system to manage the solutions and deliver the promise of the vision to the market - and of course manage the process.

    Without this, a good entrepreneur is wasted.


  • Owner/Producer 
Portland, Oregon 
Jan  Brehm
    Posted by Jan Brehm, Portland, Oregon | Feb 20, 2011

    This film actually made me cry! To connect with others successes, failures, struggles and passions, for me was comforting and inspirational.

    As I have been plagued with feelings of personal failure, it is so nice to hear of others perceptions and realizations. And where I have been tempted to just "get a real job", I am encouraged to stay the course as an entrepreneur in the pursuit of quality of life as an over the ability to buy designer shoes...

    Thank you!!

  • Business conciliator 
Sydney, New South Wales Australia 
Victor Konijn
    Posted by Victor Konijn, Sydney, New South Wales Australia | Feb 21, 2011

    Very inspirational, thanks Dan and Ben and ALL the others who contributed. I love the diversity in the film and the resulting idea that entrepreneurship is not definable for me, other than what I heard one person say: If you love what you do, the body is happy.

    I've been going with my business for 10 years now and it's been a continuous journey of re-adjustments and re-focussing to ensure the business moved not only with the market, but also with my own interests and passions and priorities. Knowing myself well enough to be able to prioritise financial success compared to other elements of happiness (for me family, friends, and physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health) was and is a major lesson that is so much fun to not finish.

    Thanks and enjoy!

  • Biznik Co-founder/CEO 
Seattle, Washington 
Lara Feltin
    Posted by Lara Feltin, Seattle, Washington | Feb 21, 2011

    Thanks for the great comments! We're so pleased you are finding the film inspiring. We're inspired by your stories!

  • Consultant to Franchisees 
Edmonton, Alberta Canada 
Nathan Kawulka
    Posted by Nathan Kawulka, Edmonton, Alberta Canada | Feb 23, 2011

    Simply amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

  • Community Ambassador 
Seattle, Washington 
Courtney Dirks
    Posted by Courtney Dirks, Seattle, Washington | Feb 23, 2011

    Wow, so many of the people and comments in this film sang to me and were speaking my language...especially the gal talking about her experience leaving Washington Mutual. I too, lived the same exact experience & it was really inspiring to see someone who has also worked hard to use that tough, depressing experience as a springboard for something great. Fantastic film, thanks so much for sharing it!

  • Career Transitions, Résumé  and Online Profile Strategist. Author of RÉSUMÉS THAT RESUME CAREERS  
Marysville, Washington 
Don Burrows
    Posted by Don Burrows, Marysville, Washington | Feb 25, 2011

    What a fine showing last night in Seattle!

    After 30 years of working at hiring / promoting / identifying talent, this film renewed something primal in me – the desire to move beyond the feeling of being a plug-and-play person and make a unique contribution for others.

    It is not just about what you did with your last job - it is about all you have accomplished. Whether you are a job seeker or a solopreneur, I think we should all be able to tell our professional stories (our accomplishments) with grace and ease, whether to secure an interview or a contract.

    How easily can you talk about your life’s accomplishments?

    Don Burrows -

  • Writing & Publishing Coach, Business & Marketing Consultant 
Bellevue, Washington 
Deborah Drake
    Posted by Deborah Drake, Bellevue, Washington | Feb 25, 2011


    Alas I couldn't be in two places at the same time last night and have watched the Shine film in the comfort of my own living room BUT I have discussed it with many and look forward to hosting a group viewing at a favorite little spot of mine!

    Entrepreneurship to me is what works best and I see how all that I have been through is what makes me who I am as the solopreneur I have become -- who loves collaborating with others.

    And I am so pleased that Biznik came to be and that this film was made and that it is making the rounds.

    We are the sum of our stories aren't we?

    Deborah Drake

    Authentic Writing Provokes

  • Biznik Co-founder/CEO 
Seattle, Washington 
Lara Feltin
    Posted by Lara Feltin, Seattle, Washington | Feb 25, 2011

    Don and Deborah are speaking of Seattle's first SHINE On event last night at the Spitfire Grill. Despite the threat of snow and the flakes in the air, we had a great turn out. And the vibe was awesome!

    Join us for a virtual SHINE On on Tuesday, March 8th, 3 - 4pm PST

    We're going to hold a #biznikSHINE Tweet Chat and you're invited!

    On March 8 at 3pm PST...
    • Jump onto Twitter.
    • Search for "#biznikSHINE"
    • Contribute your comments via tweets containing the #biznikSHINE hashtag.

    Voila! You're now participating in a virtual SHINE On discussion.

  • graphic designer 
Katy, Texas 
Rob Barreda
    Posted by Rob Barreda, Katy, Texas | Feb 25, 2011

    Really well done and very inspiring. I have to admit, like Sheri Hauser above, I would love to have seen the take of many more of the people interviewed.

    I'm sure it came down to a matter of time, money and other aspects that determined who made the cut.

    Still... this is very inspiring.

  • Holistic Esthetician / Healer / Product Manufacturer 
Seattle, Washington 
Victoria Raisky Anderson
    Posted by Victoria Raisky Anderson, Seattle, Washington | Mar 01, 2011

    What an amazing authenticity in all these people!! So grateful for this movie. Makes me feel not so alone in my own journey. Very inspiring indeed.


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