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The Crew

SHINE is a huge collaborative project involving the work of more than 100 volunteers.

Dan McComb

Dan McComb, co-director, executive producer

Dan McComb is cofounder of Biznik, an award-winning business community that connects more than 30,000 forward-thinking entrepreneurs in 140 countries. In his previously life, Dan was an award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared in Time, Newsweek and international news publications. Last Fall, Dan was named one of Seattle's top 25 most innovative entrepreneurs by Seattle Business Monthly.

Ben Medina

Ben Medina, co-director, producer

Ben Medina is a commercial director for OTIVAR, and creative director for Kingmaker Media Group. His commercial work includes spots for: Seattle Seahawks, Taco Del Mar, Virginia Mason, Sonosite, Vulcan Real Estate, and Biznik. He directed the films, En el Rincon (2005), Anniversary (2006), Company Rogues (2007), Nana (2008), and the documentaries Slingshot: Europe! (2008) and Natural Danger (2009).

Lara Feltin

Lara Feltin, executive producer

Lara Feltin is cofounder of Biznik. She spent the first half of her career as a freelance designer and photographer. In 2005, frustrated with the networking options available for "indie" business people, she co-founded Biznik with her husband, Dan McComb. In October 2008, she and Dan were named one of Seattle's Top 25 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs by Seattle Business Monthly, and included in Seattle Magazine's 2008 Power Players list of most influential people.

Brian Boyle

Brian Boyle, editor

Brian has been principle at for 9 years. He has produced, edited, written or directed a number of award-winning projects, from 30-second spots to fundraising films.

David Guilbault

David Guilbault, producer

David is an award-winning producer for network, cable and public television, public radio and the Internet with extensive experience managing all aspects of news coverage; writing and producing newscasts, feature reports, breaking-news stories, live events, talk shows, documentaries, personality profiles, political reports, special coverage and Webcasts.

Lorraine Montez

Lorraine Montez, associate producer

Lorraine Montez works in marketing, writing, film production, presentation training, and acting.

Sunshine Whitton

Sunshine Whitton, associate producer

Sunshine is founder Absolute Tech, which provides Red Camera rentals for film production, as well as server, storage, and media consultant for SMB market. He is also founder of the

John Patzer

John Patzer, associate producer

John Patzer is an executive producer, director and media consultant with 23 years in the television, film and media industries.


Basil Shadid

Basil Shadid, camera operator

Through being MEdia, a Seattle video production & new media company, Basil Shadid produces corporate, non-profit, narrative and documentary projects locally and internationally.

Goldie Jones

Goldie Jones, camera operator

Goldie is the owner of Subversionz Media LLC, a full service video production, postproduction, and motion graphics company creating broadcast, corporate, event, marketing, b2b, and web content.

Cary Ray

Cary Ray, camera operator

Cary currently works for CVTV in Vancouver, and on the in-house video crew at the Key Arena for the Sonics/Storm Basketball Teams. He specializes in interviews, and post-production editing.

Grace Stahre

Grace Stahre, camera operator

Grace manages a broad assortment of video production needs through Versant Media - from short commercial videos to full-length documentaries. She specializes in documentary-style productions. Grace also films conferences, events, and corporate interviews for presentations, and provides project support from preproduction through distribution.

Len Davis

Len Davis, camera operator

Len is principal at Pangeality Productions, "enabling you to share with the world who you are and what you do using web video as the tool." Len works with clients who share social, environmental, and progressive values.

Steven Bradford

Steven Bradford, camera operator

Steven is a master of lighting and camera work for moving images in all formats, from 35mm film to the latest high definition media. "I love to helping people figure out what they need to make their video projects happen, and how to get it up and running. Currently I teach film production part time at Seattle Film Institute."

Travis Becker

Travis Becker, camera operator

Travis is multimedia production supervisor at Victory Studios, where he is responsible for managing the multimedia production team. He also is owner of and Vision Release Films, a video production house for businesses, artists and musicians.

Valerie Vozza

Valerie Vozza, camera operator

Award-winning DP/Editor Valerie Vozza has been at it for almost 30 years. She brings an easy-going collaborative work-style to all of her productions.

Chris Julian

Chris Julian, camera operator

Chris Julian is experienced with all aspects of video production, particularly as editor and director of photography. He has worked on productions of all types, agendas and sizes, and specializes in short-format documentaries.

Social Media Editing Team

Stephen McCandless

Stephen McCandless, executive producer

Stephen is owner of The Caution Zero Network, a web-based video production and distribution company based in Seattle, Washington.

Ben Laurance, editor

Ben did the bulk of the social media edit on this project, producing each of the short clips that participants each received after telling their story at the SHINE event on May 6.


Daniel Cardenas

Daniel Cardenas, video team support

Daniel is founder of Sierra Media, which producers a variety of corporate video, motion graphics, broadcast and web productions. Sierra Media offers an HD turnkey solution to small business marketing, advertising and training needs.

Jeremy Dodd

Jeremy Dodd, video team support

Jeremy is principal at RedGrey Concepts, a video production and advertising firm that helps businesses use audio-visual media, namely television commercials and online video.


Shine was produced and funded by Biznik, with the generous support of these entrepreneurs.

Gold Supporters - $250

Eddy Willingham
Edward Hlavacek
Judy Tallant
Kelly Holm
Mark Brooks
Michael Whitmore
Pete DiSantis, CMC
Stefani Quane
Suzanne Melton
Tresa Leftenant

Silver Supporters - $100

Alana Nelson
Amanda Predmore
Awilda Verdejo
Bethany Mooradian
Carol Schiller
Carrie Middlemiss
David Wolf
Dwight Frindt
Elizabeth Van Moppes
Emily Lauderback
Erika Rado
Giannina Silverman
Gretchen Krampf
Ilise Benun
Jason Tafoya
Jen Duchene
John Hays
Johnna Dietz
Katie Beck
Lisa Hanna
Louise Pietrafesa
Margaret Ryan
Marie Blackburn
Matthew Gittleman
Suzanne Melton
Tammy Redmon
Terry McComb
Tyler Dow
Yasmine Rafii
Valerie Vozza

Bronze Supporters - $40

Aaron Post
Alycea Ungaro
Amy Harcourt
Amy C. Darling, LAc
Andrea Fisher-Bardeau
Andrew Lippert
Anna Goldsworthy
Annie Jacobsen
Banu Sekendur
Barbara J Winter
Bill Bradfield, EA
Bob Dunn
Brian Mattocks
Carrie Lanza
Christine Burke
Chuck Reynolds
CJ McLaughlin
Clem Head
Colleen Wainwright
Danny Bronski
Dawn Spiegelberg
Debbie Rosemont
Debra Synovec
Denise Marinacci
Dennis Dilday
Diane Head
Ellen Clark
Gea Bassett
Hazel Grace Dircksen
Iris Crawford
Jacob Sayles
Jan Brehm
Jen Jaciw
Jen Grisanti
Jill Walser
Jim Dickeson
Joan Hitchens
John Verd
Joy Stephens
Judite Zander
Judy Soccio
Judy Dunn
Judy Murdoch
Justin Schallmann
Jwalant Trivedi
Karen Anderson
Karrie Kohlhaas
Katherine Burks
Kathryn Higgins
Kelli Standish
Kristine Proctor
Ksenia Oustiougova
Kurt Wallace Martin
Laila Atallah
Laura A. Ko
Lauren Pearlman
Lawrence Braden
Leif Hansen
Lori Richardson
Lynn Colwell
Maggie White
Margaret Spencer
Margarita Gallo de la Torre
Maria Ross
Mari-Lyn Hudson
Marta Goertzen
Mary Ann Dujardin
Merilee Lovejoy
Michael Carpenter
Naomi Pollack
Noel Remigio
Otilia Gaidos
Patrice Fiset
Patricia Klingler
Paul Kyriazi
Randy Lind
Rina Goodman
Robert Strong
Ruth Hartmann
Sara Eizen
Sema Sekendur
Shane McSimov
Shawn Plaster
Sherri Schultz
Stefan Negritoiu
Sunshine Mugrabi
Susan Alexander
Susan Gold
Susan Rolfe
Susan Evans
Susi Schuele
Suzanne Griscom
Suzette West
Teresa Daggett
Timothy Ganstrom
Toya Turner
Esther Noelle Hunt


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